Our Story Thus Far

A long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away…

The Empire has been in control of the Galaxy for almost 19 standard years. Turmoil is everywhere. Some planets cower easily to the oppressive will of Emperor Palpatine, others resist and are met with the swift and terrible “justice” that only Darth Vader can bring.

Rumors of a Rebellion spread throughout the Galaxy and appear nightly on the holonet. It seems that there are some in the Galaxy are willing to stand up against the evil tyranny of the Empire and seek to end his rule.

The Empire is not the only faction seeking to control the galaxy. Criminal Organizations appear everywhere. The underground of organized crime is as widespread as the Empire itself. From the Outer Rim to the Core there doesn’t seem to be a planet that is not affected in some way by organized crime’s hand. The Empire, while openly denounces the existence of organized crime syndicates, does little if anything to stop them. The Empire makes use of the Black Market as much as the smugglers, and criminals do.

The Rebel Alliance has formed and is doggedly trying to thwart the Empire at each and every turn. By utilizing technology from the Black Market, the Alliance is able to stay, at best up to date with the Empire’s Technology and weapons, and at worst they are only a few steps behind. Working with the Black Market is as dangerous as dealing with the Empire. The criminal elements that comprise the Black Market only care for themselves and are quick to sell out Rebel Agents if it is profitable.

It is with this threat in mind the Rebel Alliance normally uses mercenaries or “Middlemen” to act as a “go between” for rebel agents and the black market. It is the role of the middleman that finds the party on Ord Mantell. Hired by the Alliance to go to Ord Mantell to pick up some much needed medical supplies, the Party needs to contact the Alliance’s supply man to get their medical supplies. The party finds itself on Ord Mantell eager to do a routine job for some much needed credits.

Rise of the Omega

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