Black Market

From thermal detonators to slaves, just about anything and everything is available for sale – for a price!

The Black Market is an extensive network of bounty hunters, drug dealers, smugglers, and gamblers who all specialize in one thing. Illegal goods. Goods the general public are not allowed to have otherwise.

Not all of the items for sale on the Black Market are tangible items. Knowledge is just as valuable to the right person as is an illegal firearm. And just as deadly if put to the proper use.

Although many beings can eek out a meger if not moderatley succesful career dealing in the black market it’s the Crime Syndicates that wield the greates power in the underground, and are the most deadly. However with thier connections, the Crime Syndicates are the “go to” organization for just about anything you can desire. Drugs, slaves, information, even planets are available through the black market – if you know the right person and have enough credits!

Black Market

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