Cor Unar

Cor Unar is a thriving metropolis on the main continent of Ord Mantell. With over 5 million sentient beings in the city, it is a thriving center of activity.

The main export of the city is fashion. High end fashions are designed here along with art, cuisine and music that influences the other planets in the Bright Jewel Cluster and even has some influence on Coruscant.

The city is a rich city and has spent millions of credits on keeping the city clean of debris, trash and even vagrants. The city prides itself on being the “cleanest” in the galaxy and has absolutely no slums or “Seedy underbelly” that Coruscant has. With high rent prices and a special task force to keep unsavory areas from developing, many beings who cannot afford to live there are simply made to leave the city.

But that doesn’t mean that Crime doesn’t exist in Cor Unar. White collar crimes are the norm here, with , if you can measure such a statistic, bribery being the second largest industry in the City, closely behind fashion. Bribes are made for just about everything to everyone, for anything, which is one reason why the Imperial presence here in the city is so low. They have simply been bribed to stay out of the city. By using the special task force to keep crime low, high prices and just a high elitist attitude by the locals, actual physical violent crime is unbelievably low to non exsistant. Many low end criminals find it too difficult to do business here. With the penalties for physical crime (muggings, theft, etc) being incredibly harsh, many criminals just stay away and ply their trade in many of the planet’s other cities.

Cor Unar has been an ideal place for espionage meetings for many decades. Thick crowds, out of the way world, high import/export trade make it an ideal haven for spies to trade information and high end goods including art, data and weapons. The Black Market has a presence here, but like everything else in Cor Unar, deals in high end goods and officially does not exist. Just ask any of the Officials in the city.

Cor Unar

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